Vintage Style Photo Manipulation. Singing to the moon.

Sharon den Adel sings to the moon:)

Used pictures

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Photo Manipulation. Perfume Advert Poster.

Simple glossy menu tutorial

Hello.  This is a very simple and useful way to design a nice menu.
1.       Create a new 600x100 Photoshop document.
2.       Grab the Round Rectangle Tool and draw a shape like this one:

The color is not important at this point.
The Round Rectangle Tool can be found here:

Used settings:

While drawing your rectangle, make sure you have the  “Shape Layers” Option on:

3.       Right click on your new created layer, and check “Rasterize Layer”:

4.       Right click again, select Blending Options, and use the following settings:

Right click on your gradient. Use these settings:

5.       Grab the Text Tool, and write some text for whatever buttons you need.

The settings I’ve used for the text are:

6.       Create some shapes, to use them as separators. Like these:

The lines were drawn with the Line Tool, using a 1px width:

For the first one, I’ve used white, and for the other one I’ve used black.
Bring them one next to the other like this:

Rasterize them both, select the one above, and press Ctrl E to merge the two layers. This will combine the two layers into one. Now duplicate the layer for how many times you need, and place them after the text like shown in my picture.
And you’re doneJ
Hope you like it, and you will have no problems while following the steps.
If you have any problem, post a comm. And I’ll be happy to answer ;-)

How to draw snow in Photoshop

Click here for the tutorial.